I have the Corona Virus!

I have the corona virus

On Tuesday I received an SMS to let me know that I have tested positive for the Corona Virus. I was expecting to get a positive test result based on how I was feeling, but obviously it is still a shock.

As you will know if you read my previous few blog posts, I spent the Christmas holidays camping in Plettenberg Bay with my family. While at the camp site, there were a number of people who got sick. No one, that I know of, officially got tested for the Corona Virus, but we all speculated that it could be that. Covid-19 cases have spiked in South Africa in recent weeks, so I think it is fair to assume you have the virus if you develop any of the symptoms. One of the people who got sick at the camp site was a cyclist who I spent some time with. I remember saying to my family when he got sick, “If he has the Corona Virus, then so do I!”

Everyone I know of who felt ill at the camp site got better within a few days. I was still feeling fine during this time and continued my training as usual. In fact, I did two massive rides. One was 8 hours long and the other 6 hours! The 6 hour ride from Plettenberg Bay to Knysna and back was a great ride. At the turn around point in Knysna it started pouring with rain, so I did the majority of the final 3 hours in the rain. I was wearing summer kit and did not have a rain jacket with me. It was not freezing cold, but it was definitely not ideal conditions if you are trying to avoid getting sick.

A few days after finishing the 6 hour ride I developed I nasty throat infection. It felt like a fire had been lit in my throat! After two days of sucking on throat lozenges and using a throat spray, I realized it was not going away. I consulting my good friend Google and it convinced me I had tonsillitis. I had all the symptoms of tonsillitis and I had never had a sore throat like this before, so it made sense. I went to the doctor to have it checked out. Fortunately (or unfortunately, whichever way you want to look at it) the doctor told me my tonsils are fine. He immediately tested me for the Corona Virus, and the following day the test came back positive.

When the doctor did the test I had next to no covid-19 symptoms, with the exceptions of my sore throat. Within 24 hours of being tested, a lot of other flu (or covid) symptoms developed, such as a runny nose and feeling fatigued. Today is Day 7 since I developed the sore throat and I am feeling much better. The Corona Virus for me was a mild flu with a very sore throat. The thing is I am not sure if the sore throat is connected to the Corona Virus. The sore throat developed soon after my long ride in the rain and 3 days before any other Covid symptoms developed. The doctor said it is possible that the sore throat could be Pharyngitis and not Covid. I guess I will never know for certain and it does not really matter.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention that I lost my taste and smell completely! It is the weirdest thing ever. I mean, these are senses that we take for granted our whole lives and to have them just disappear like that was… well, “weird” is the only word I can think to describe it. Yesterday my nose was not blocked, but I could not smell a thing. I took a sniff from the coffee jar filled with the strongest coffee my mother likes to drink, and nothing! Also, last night we had my favorite vegan lasagne and I could not enjoy it. I kept adding salt and tomato sauce to it until I realized it was not getting any better. Everything just taste bland, like water.

I have been in quarantine at home with my family ever since we arrived back from holiday. My one sister already had the Corona Virus earlier this year, while the rest of my family are currently showing no symptoms.

I actually never wanted to talk about Covid on this blog. I want this to be an escape from the negative stuff going on in the world, so I do not think I will do a follow up post on this. If you do not hear anything about Covid from me again then you know I am good and so is everyone I know.

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