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the siriruk apartment review

A great thing about Thailand, but also South East Asia in general, is how budget friendly you are able to live. You can find a good quality apartment, eat delicious food and travel around town without it costing you a fortune. A perfect example of this is The Siriruk Apartment in Chiang Mai.

The Siriruk Apartment

The Siriruk Apartment is a collection of two 5 story buildings, located near Maya Mall and just a 5-minute motorbike ride from the old town or Tha Phae Gate. It is because of the low cost and convenient location, that The Siriruk Apartment is one of the most popular accommodation options in Chiang Mai. The Apartment complex has a garage to park your motorbike (lock up your bicycle). There are also security cameras monitoring the garage parking area. It is unlikely that something will happen, but if it does you know the cameras are there to pick it up. You will be given a security key, that allows you to enter the building. If you forget the key, the owner will have a spare one to open for you. Just keep in mind that if you bug her after 9pm at night looking for the spare key, she will charge you 100 baht. This is completely fair in my opinion… I mean, who wants to be woken up because YOU forgot your key.

the siriruk apartment

To further add to your convenience, there is a motorbike rental service on site. Next to the Siriruk Apartments is a shop that will do printing and scanning of documents for you. There are also a number of restaurants in the vicinity. When I say “in the vicinity”, I mean directly across the road! Finally, there is a 7-Eleven that is a 2 minute walk away. From what I hear they are building a new 7-Eleven across the road from The Siriruk Apartment. I hope this is not true, because I could not stand the sound that goes off every time someone opens a door in a 7-Eleven in Thailand! With that said, a 7-Eleven across the road would be convenient if you are ever in need of a midnight snack.

The rooms:

The apartment room comes fully furnished, with a queen size bed, sheets, pillow and blanket, a wardrobe, a table, mirror and a medium size refrigerator. Each apartment also comes with a large window with a screen that is perfect for keeping the mosquitos out at night, but lets the cool air come in. There is an AC in all the rooms, as well as a fan in all the rooms in the older apartment building. The newer building only has an AC and not a fan in the rooms, but you could always buy one for a few hundred baht if you feel the need to. The rooms in the older building are small. My partner and I shared a room together and I will admit the place felt crowded at times. The newer building has bigger rooms you can rent for a slightly higher rate. If you are traveling with someone and you plan on sharing a room, then I would definitely recommend the newer apartment building because of this.

Another hot tip from me would be to choose a room that is as far away from the road as possible. The road is busy at night and depending on how light of a sleeper you are, this could be a problem. I originally stayed in a room that was next to the road, but later moved to one that was further away. I am definitely someone who prefers peace and quiet.

chiang mai accommodation
This is what a typical room looks like at The Siriruk Apartment. The bathroom is not visible in this image.

the siri apartment chiang mai

accommodation in chiang mai thailand

Extra amenities:

Every floor at the Siriruk Apartment has its own Wi-Fi. However, the wifi is SLOW. There are a lot of digital nomads in Thailand, who work online and require fast internet. If this is you, then you need to know that the free W-Fi at The Siriruk will probably be too slow for you to work on. What you can do is you can get incredibly fast internet installed in your room for around 650 baht a month. The company I used is called Sinet and you can sign up with them at Maya Mall. My partner is an online English teacher and the Sinet internet worked well for that.

Does the Siriruk Apartment sound too good to be true? Well, that is because it is. I have not even gotten to the best part yet. The highlight of staying at the Siriruk Apartment in Chiang Mai, is the friendly owner. The owners name is Siri, so as you can probably guess the apartment is named after her. She is a kind and generous landlord. In fact, in all my years of traveling I have not met a landlord that I hold to as high a regard as I do Siri. It is because of my good experience dealing with her, that I felt compelled to write this review. What I like about Siri is that she stays out of your business. She will also never hassle you for cash and as long as you pay your rent during the few days “around” the end of the month you will have no problems. Every now and again you will wake up to free fruit outside your bedroom door, left there by none other than Siri! With all that said, do not mistake her kindness for weakness! I have seen first hand how she deals with unreasonably difficult tenants. Remember, she is a self-made and highly successful business women. I do not imagine she got where she is by letting people walk over her.

How much does the rent cost?

A room in the old building costs 3 500 baht a month, plus electricity and water. My partner and I paid around 4300 baht in total a month, but I should note that we never used the AC. The AC will drastically drive up the cost of your electricity bill. A room in the new building costs 5 000 baht, plus electricity and water.

These figures are accurate at the time of writing this review and of course they are subject to change.

Pro’s of living at The Siriruk Apartment

  • Conveniently located
  • Extremely cheap! It is the cheapest accommodation in Chiang Mai for what you get
  • Fully furnished and clean room
  • Friendly owner

Con’s of living at The Siriruk Apartment

  • There is no window in the bathroom and it can get stuffy

That is my quick The Siriruk Apartment Review. I lived there roughly a year and if I ever go back to Chiang Mai, I think you know where I will be staying. If you stay at the Siriruk Apartment, be sure to tell Siri that Paul and Anna send their regards!

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