Bocca Dolce Vegan Restaurant | This is my favorite vegan restaurant in South Africa!

BOCCA DOLCE is a vegan and organic restaurant, coffee roastery and function venue situated on the peaceful Quarry Lake Estate, within the country farming community of Wittedrift. It is one of Plettenberg Bay’s hidden gems and once you visit Bocca Dolce, you will see why.

I have been lucky enough to celebrate Christmas with my family in Plettenberg Bay, almost every year since 2014. A highlight of our family’s trip to Plett, is always visiting Bocca Dolce vegan restaurant. I have even managed to drag my very much non-vegan dad out to Bocce Dolce for a cup of coffee and piece of vegan dessert. That is what makes Bocca Dolce so great! You can feel comfortable taking your non-vegan family members there, knowing that they are going to get a good introduction to how tasty and delicious vegan food can be.

What I believe sets Bocca Dolce apart from other vegan restaurants I have been to, is the people who work there. You can quickly pick up, in any work environment, if a person loves what he or she is doing for a living. It is clear that the staff at Bocca Dolce are passionate about cooking good vegan food. Their welcoming attitude will make you want to come back to Bocca Dolce again and again, almost as much as the food will!

Bocca Dolce Menu

The Bocca Dolce Vegan restaurant offers an all-you-can-eat vegan lunch buffet! The buffet consists of organic cold salads, warm cooked vegan dishes, soup of the day, fresh baked breads and a host of dessert options to choose from. There are so many options, that your only problem will be attempting to taste everything before you get full. After visiting Bocca Dolce a few times I decided on what dishes I liked the most, and focused my plates around those. My absolute favorite was the vegan Shepard’s Pie and the vegan Lasagna. I also enjoyed the pastry options. Recently, Bocca Dolce have begun serving a breakfast buffet. I have not tried it yet, but might just do so this year. If the photos I have seen of the food are anything to go by, it will be as delicious as what you get for lunch.

The cost of the all-you-can-eat buffet is R180.

I really wish that Bocca Dolce would be open for dinner. I do not usually like to go out for lunch or to eat a big meal in the middle of the day, so it would be amazing if they were open in the evenings. I understand that this is not practical, given where the restaurant is located and that their staff need to get home as well, but a man can dream right?

Almost all of the food at Bocca Dolce is organic and all of the cold salads you will see, are grown at the Quarry Lake Estate. Be sure to ask a staff member at Bocca Dolce if you will be able to take a quick tour of their organic vegetable garden. They have always been more than happy to show us around.

Bocca Dolce Opening Times:

Bocca Dolce serves breakfast A la Carte from 08h00 – 11h00, and the buffet lunch from 13h00.

They are busy during the holiday season and it is important to book at least a day or two in advance.

Bookings: 079 0999 570 or 071 485 6574


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