Why eating SALAD sucks and DOES NOT help you lose weight

eating salad for weight loss

This might shock you, but eating salad does not help you lose weight. I actually think that there is nothing worse you can eat than a salad for weight loss. In fact, I will even go as far as to say that a salad will make you GAIN weight. Before you click off this post and label me a crazy person, let me explain this in more detail.

Why salad SUCKS!

Salad has almost no calories in it. You may be thinking, “Well that’s a good thing, right?” Wrong. Salad is extremely low in calories and therefore it will not keep you satiated. The problem with this is that you will inevitably binge out on junk food later on in the day or week, if you are focusing the bulk of your meals around SALAD. Your body wants to survive, so when you do not eat a sufficient amount of calories it will seek out calorically rich food. This will create a food “craving” that I am sure you are familiar with. I think we have all experienced that. You might have experienced a food craving even if you were not purposefully trying to restrict your calories, but you had a busy day and forget to eat. The next thing you know, you are stuffing your face with a fist full of French fries.

When you are hungry you will crave junk food. This is because junk food is LOADED in calories. Remember what I said, your body will seek out calories at all cost when you are starving yourself. Think of all your favorite junk food items and I can guarantee that all of them are full of calories. These might include chocolate bars, donuts or a cheesy pizza.

That is why calorie deficient diets, such as diets centered around salad, do not work. They might make you lose weight initially, but you will binge out on fatty junk food sooner or later.

I think we all have a friend or family member who has attempted a low calorie diet. Actually, if you think about it every single “diet” is a calorie deficient diet. They all survive on the pseudoscience that if you eat less calories than what you burn, then you will lose weight. To believe this you also have to believe that all calories are equal. This would mean that if you eat 1 000 calories from donuts your body will treat it the same way as it would 1 000 calories from bananas. See how absurd that sounds? The calories in – calories out weight loss model does not take into account the TYPE of calories you are eating. It also does not take into account any other factor for that matter.

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why eating salad sucks

A big reason why people gain or lose weight has to do with hormones. It is extremely important to have healthy hormones if you want to stay at a healthy weight. What most people do not know is that eating a low calorie diet and starving yourself will significantly slow down your thyroid functioning. This will make it harder to lose weight in the future, no matter what you eat. There are other factors that also effect your hormones, such as medication and sleep pattern. I have only named a few things, but I wanted to explain how ridiculous it is to suggest that weight loss is as simple as eating less food than what you burn off.

In Salads defense

There is something that I absolutely love about salad. That is that salad is loaded with vitamins and minerals. This is especially true, if you eat a healthy salad that contains things such as lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumber and so forth. A healthy salad will contain an abundance of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function properly.

That is exactly how you should look at salad… as a great source of nutrient rich food. Never look at it as a weight loss tool, because it is not. A great idea is to add salad to the side of your main meals or on top, depending on what you are eating! This will ensure that you are eating a sufficient amount of calories during your meal, but also that you are getting in enough vitamins and minerals.

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