Merida Scultura 200 ULTIMATE Test Ride

merida scultura 200

I am currently in the process of switching from road to gravel cycling. I sold my road bike 2 weeks ago and have bought all the parts that will be going on my gravel bike. I am just waiting for the gravel bike frame to arrive! With a bit of luck it will get here before Christmas. In the mean time, a good friend has borrowed me his Merida Scultura 200 to use.

It is an old 9 speed bike, but the frame is in incredible condition. I needed to get the gears tuned and also make a few minor upgrades, such as replacing the saddle, stem and bar tape. Now that I have done that the bike rides very well.

This weekend I am taking it for not one, but TWO proper test rides. I will be doing back-to-back 200km rides with my cycling club, Absolute Motion. Wish me luck!

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