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Bryton Rider 310

Bryton Rider 310 PRO’s:


Bryton Rider 310 CON’s:

  • Activities do not always sync directly to Strava via the mobile app.

I came across the Bryton Rider 310 all by chance a little over a year ago. My previous cycling computer got water damage and being very much out-of-pocket during that time, I scoured the internet for whatever second hand unit I could get my hands on. I found the Bryton 310.

bryton rider 310 review

bryton 310 computer


The Bryton Rider 310 costs me R800 (or $52). With the exception of a small scratch on the screen it was in near-new condition. Its former owner told me that he had just ordered the latest Bryton and so had no more use for this one.

How I would best describe this device is that it is Bryton’s version of the Garmin 500. In fact it offers a feature set that is almost identical to that of the Garmin. It also has a similar shape and size. The difference is that the Bryton 310 has a battery life of 36 HOURS – exactly double that of the Garmin. This has proven convenient, because it means I only have to charge my device once every week or two. It has also come in handy during extremely long rides such as Everesting’s. Being me I have still forgotten to charge my Bryton device and had the device fail on me mid-ride, but for that I have no one but myself to blame.

bryton computer

The Bryton 310 has a user friendly interface that even a 7 year old will be able to master. I have never found it so easy to set up a bicycle computer in my life. Ironically, the interface is where Bryton faces the most amount of critique.

While most riders admit that the interface is easy to set up and manage, they complain about its clunky appearance. The definition of the word clunky is solid, heavy, and old-fashioned. At 52 grams the Bryton is anything but heavy, but the interface does look old-fashioned. Actually, the whole device looks a bit old-fashioned, but I won’t call this a valid critique and let me explain why. It might well be a valid critique if you are talking about any of the latest and greatest bicycle computers. Bryton’s most expensive units have no excuse not to look up to date, but this is the Bryton 310 we are talking about. If you compare it to the entry level devices offered by other companies it does not look out of place.

bryton bike computer

The device connects with Bluetooth. I leave the Bluetooth on permanently and have found it not to effect the battery life that much. Once you have downloaded the Bryton mobile app you can upload your activities onto there after your ride. You can also link the Bryton App to your Strava, so the activities SHOULD go directly there after uploading them to the app. This is where I have picked up problems. The activities upload flawlessly to the Bryton App via Bluetooth, but they do not always get sent to Strava. It has been a hit-or-miss situation. I would say about 70% of the time the activities show on my Strava profile. If they do not, I have to connect the device to my PC and upload them manually – not hard, but not fun.

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bryton 310 bike computer

The Bryton 310 does not have maps. There are absolutely zero bicycle computers that fall into the same price range as the 310 who have maps. NONE. If you want maps navigation on your bicycle computer you should be prepared to spend a little more money.

All in all I would call the Bryton Rider 310 an incredible value for money bicycle computer. It is unmatched by any device in its price bracket and even slightly above that. It is lightweight, has a great battery life and is extremely user friendly. It is a problem that the rides do not sync directly to Strava and Bryton should definitely fix this. But if you think about it all the other devices in this category do not even offer Bluetooth connectivity to begin with.

The Bryton 310 gets an 8/10.

I would not buy another Bryton Rider 310. The only reason I will not buy another device like this is because I am curious to see what the latest Bryton’s have to offer! I will try something like the Bryton 420 or whatever else is available when I am in the market for a new bike computer.

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